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Tonon Magia Fiore Spumante Bianco Dolce (Buy 5 get 1 free)

₱4,560.00 ₱3,800.00

Composed of: 6 bottles of Tonon Magia Fiore Spumante Bianco Dolce
Pairs well with:
Cakes and cream

A substantial wine region in the northeastern corner of Italy. The varying topography of its sub-regions influence the microclimates; higher areas have cooler, alpine-influenced temperatures, which gradually becomes warmer with descent. Smaller in land area than other Italian wine regions, Veneto produces more wine compared to any of them. Prosecco, Its Valpolicella, Amarone, and Soave earned the region international recognition.

Clear straw yellow colour and fine lingering perlage. Aroma's with Moscato flavour, honey and ripe fruit.

Wine Type: Sparkling Region Type: Veneto Varietal: Moscato Body: Light

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