Château de Roquefort

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    The Château de Roquefort is ideally situated in The Côtes de Provence Appellation, between the Massif de la Sainte Baume, which rises to an altitude of 1,042 metres, and the coastal Calanques National Park. The landscape here is a formation of high plateaus, where organic vineyards are cultivated biodynamically at an altitude of 390 metres, cut out of the imposing rocky clay - limestone soils. The vineyards have been certified bio since 2006. 
    It is in this naturally, wild environment that Raimond de Villeneuve has chosen to follow his passion; the life of a vigneron, for over 25 years. The terroir here is essential thanks to the microclimate created by altitude and the fact that the vineyards are facing North-Northwest, which brings much freshness to his wines. 

    Since 1812, numerous generations have preceded him, handing clown the land and vines. Today he farms some 30 hectares, producing wines which he sells to the four corners of the globe. 
    By their choice of culture, Raimond and his faithful vineyard manager, José, maintain with precision the balance and respect of nature, all the way from the grafting of the vines, through to the harvest. Today nearly 40% of the vines have been grafted on the vine, with carefully selected grafts. 
    Five emblematic cuvées are produced each vintage, two reds: Les Mûres et Gueule de Loup; two whites: Les Genêts et Petit Salé and one rosé: Corail. In exceptional years it is not unknown for there to be an additional cuvee. These are singular wines that are not necessarily identical every vintage, however, they all possess a common thread, that of freshness that runs though the whole range. They are joyful wines. The wines of Raimond de Villeneuve are in keeping with the temperament of the beast, for they are not serious wines but rather wines for people who seriously enjoy drinking wines for the pure pleasure that they will procure. 
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