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    Bread & Butter's new tasting room at 3015 Silverado Trail is warm and inviting, filled with locally sourced crafts that complement the winery's carefully crafted wines. The interior is light, bright and modern, with thoughtful surprises incorporated into the design. These include a Napa Valley mural by local Bay Area artist Maxfield Bala, a statue of the brand's popular ampersand that can be placed among guests to take unique Instagram photos, a wishing wall, and a cheeky message on the restroom reminding visitors to "not think too much" as they leave.

    "Our focus has always been on our wines, so we created a comfortable space where the sole purpose is to enjoy them," said Jeff Ngo, senior vice president of marketing, Bread & Butter Wines. "Our team is happy to educate, but we invite you to keep it simple. Guests are welcome to sit back, slump their shoulders and enjoy the beautiful Napa Valley and our wines made by award-winning, expert winemaker Linda Trotta."

    And what about those wines? Over the past few years, Bread & Butter winemaker Linda Trotta has produced a collection of limited-edition Napa Valley wines that are now ready to taste, share and enjoy.

    "The only thing more fun than the view of the vineyards? The wines from the vineyards," smiles Linda Trotta, winemaker at Bread & Butter and named 2018 Napa Valley Winemaker of the Year by the North Bay Business Journal. "I believe a good wine is a wine you like. We bring an unpretentious attitude to every wine and make each one to be true to its grape variety, its Napa Valley birthplace and the year it was grown. Nothing more, nothing less. Just good wine made thoughtfully to be enjoyed simply."

    To make choosing a favorite wine from the Bread & Butter Napa Valley Collection easier, Bread & Butter Wines suggests wines for every occasion, divided into easy-to-remember categories.

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