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    The Baracchi Vineyards are located on the hills facing Cortona and the winery overlooks the panorama of the Valdichiana laying beneath the beautiful Tuscan Sun.
    Riccardo Baracchi, whose passion for the place where he was born, has found a way to share his production of delicious and high quality wines with the world through hospitality. He continued the tradition of the family who have cultivated the vines and produced the wines since 1860, giving it sustainable energy, along with a high quality character. Riccardo, together with his son Benedetto and the professionalism of oenologist and agronomist Stefano Chioccioli, have identified the ideal soils for each grape variety, creating a modern and dynamic company. They invite you to taste the evolution of an ancient family tradition.

    Made up of 32 hectares, approximately 80 acres, Riccardo Baracchi’s vineyards are located in 4 distinct locations within the DOC Cortona, a terroir renowned for centuries for the guaranteed quality of the location of earthy soils, full light, high altitude, and a microclimate of warm and dry temperatures. Each individually planted varietal, were carefully chosen based on the match of soil-to-varietal so that each plants characteristics and features were brilliantly accentuated.
    3 products
    Baracchi Smeriglio Syrah DOC 2013
    Baracchi O'Lillo Toscana Rosso IGT
    Baracchi Smeriglio Sangiovese DOC 2018
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