The Best Wines To Pair With Your Spaghetti

A basic staple food that one could never go wrong with– the tried, tested, and loved PASTA. It comes in all shapes and sizes, perfect for specific sauces and ingredients, and it’s one of those things that you should always stock up the pantry with!

It’s also one of those foods that could either be labor-intensive or super easy like preparing lasagna compared to a quick and basic trio of olive oil, garlic, and spaghetti. We can go on about all the different kinds of pasta but for now, all eyes are on spaghetti. 

Just for spaghetti alone, there's a variety of wine pairings to consider. This goes beyond the basics of white going with seafood and red with meats. Below, we’ve prepared the best wines to pair with different types of spaghetti from Bolognese, Party Spaghetti / Sweet Spaghetti, Vongole, among other popular dishes.


One could argue that an Italian classic is Bolognese paired with Chianti. In all honesty, that reason alone is enough but getting into more detail, the two go so well together due to Chianti’s tannins complementing the heavenly combination of ground beef, herbs, and tomato sauce.

Wines we recommend are,

Party Spaghetti

A classic Filipino twist to the Italian Spaghetti, our very own Party Spaghetti. Contrary to popular belief, wine pairings aren’t limited to “luxurious” food. Wine could also go exceptionally well with simple and fast-food dishes like pizza. For Party Spaghetti, it’s best to choose wine that’ll complement ground meats like pork or beef– whether white or red. Remember, white wine doesn’t have to be limited to just white sauce.

Here’s what we recommend,

Montelvini Promosso Rosso or Deakin Estate Moscato




Here’s where the basic knowledge on wine pairings kicks in. Due to Vongole being a seafood-based spaghetti dish, we have to agree that the best pairing for this is white wine. That buttery and tender texture you get from seafood always and forever pairs beautifully with the freshness you get from white. White wines remind us that seafood is the star of this dish.

We recommend,

The Ned Sauvignon Blanc or Kalfu Molu Sauvignon Blanc




Apart from white wine going well with seafood, whites are also attributed to getting along with creamy sauces. Carbonara, known for its rich and creamy-like sauce (we say, “creamy-like” because we’re siding with Italians on this one– absolutely NO cream), would pair well with white wine that has the perfect acidity to seamlessly cut through the rich sauce.

Absolutely no hate on cream, if you like your Carbonara with cream, then by all means. We’re sure these white wines would go well with it too,

Vigneti del Vulture Pipoli Greco Fiano or Mulderbosch Chenin Blanc




Arrabiata is known for its spiciness and for further proof, in Italian, “arrabiata” actually translates to “angry”! Spicy sauces like Arrabiata should be paired with earthy reds like Pinot Noir for balance. 

We recommend, 

King's Wrath Pinot Noir or Cantina Cellaro Nerello Mascalese


Armed with these wine pairings, it’s time to open up a new world of new flavors for your next spaghetti dish. All these wines and more are available at