Your Summer Wine Guide 2022


Get ready to soak in all that Vitamin D because the time to bask in the sun is here! While many of us do miss the cool breeze and cozy atmosphere the Christmas season brought, we have to admit that we’re also so excited for all the summer activities– from swimming, sunbathing, island hopping, and outdoor barbecues before the rainy season kicks in!

Just like how we pair food with wine, it’s important to make the most out of the summer by also selecting the most refreshing wines. After all, when the heat gets to us– it’s the drinks that make it a lot more bearable AND enjoyable.

To make this summer one to remember and enjoy, we’ve curated a number of wines from whites, red, and of course, bubblies! We’ve also included the best dishes to pair them with for your summer picnics and outdoor sessions.



The King's Favour Sauvignon Blanc - Grilled salmon steak

Tonon Bianco del Camul - Grilled buttered prawns


The Ned Rose - Chicken salad


Bohigas Brut Cava - Melons wrapped in prosciutto



Luccarelli Rosso Puglia - Grilled chicken

Bannockburn Pinot Noir - Grilled lamb chops

When we think of drinks and the summer season, it would be disastrous if we didn’t mention Sangria! Ready-made options are great but homemade is, without a doubt, much better. So, if you’re game to make your own, check out how you can make your very own Sangria here, The Only Sangria Recipe You'll Ever Need.

Whether you’re creating your own concoction or having a bottle or two delivered to your doorstep, remember that the best wines with the best pairs will always turn out to be the best of times. Cheers!